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Curtain Wall & Shop Fronts

Our Commercial Doors and Windows are proven, robust systems that have been designed specifically to meet the demands of architects, local authorities and property managers for any commercial project.

MC Wall – Curtain wall system with thermal break

MC Wall is a system that has been designed to create dramatic but practical façades that allow maximum light into small or large multi-storey buildings. The range offers a wide range of options including sloped and facet-shaped glazing, screens and doors.

Rapid on-site installation and concealed transoms, for seamless/uninterrupted glass to glass joints, are among the many special features of this versatile polyamide thermal break system. The system incorporates a top hung frameless vent and can also accommodate our windows and door systems.

Shop Fronts

Designed to be robust, our Shop Front system Shopline will withstand heavy traffic in commercial buildings such as high street shops, office buildings, health clubs and more.

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